Scan2Donate – Easy QR-Code Donation System

Charities can now use TextBlue’s Scan2Donate QR-Code donation system to quickly and easily collect money from mobile phone users.

Using our QR-Code donation system, charities can select how much money they would like phone users to donate. This donation will then be collected directly from the customer’s mobile phone bill; with no need to enter any additional details.

QR-Codes are a great way for mobile phones users to interact with brands and organisations; not only for marketing purposes but to help charities collect donations in a new, fun way.

QR-Code readers are sometimes built into phones. However, you may need to download a QR-Code reader, by searching for “QR Code Reader” in the iPhone App Store, Android Marketplace or Blackberry App World.

To find out more about TextBlue’s Scan2Donate QR-Code donation system, please call our friendly team today on 01782 450 451 or e-mail

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