New Scan2Win QR-Code Marketing Feature

We have recently released a fantastic new feature for our QR-Code marketing platform, called Scan2Win.

This feature allows you to offer people, who scan in your QR-Code, the chance to instantly win a prize.

At random, the system will choose a winner and the lucky user will see (there and then) if they have been chosen to get a prize.

Unlike traditional Scan2Win campaigns – where users have to enter their details to be entered into a prize draw (which is great for large prizes and we can offer this too) – the benefit of an instant prize draw is that it gets the adrenaline going; as you are waiting for the page to load. Similar to the feeling you getting when playing a slot machine.

How It Works

Step One: Load three adverts and select the odds of them showing. Example, Advert 1 appears  33 in 100 times, Advert 2 appears 33 in 100 times , Advert 3 appears 33 in 100 times.

Step Two: Create a prize and a message that shows when someone wins. This could appear 1 in 100 times.

This all happens completely randomly so, every time a user scans, it’s a surprise as to what will show.

Our QR-Code Scan2Win system costs just £25 per month for up to 20 adverts.

Call us on 01782 450 451 to discuss your requirements.

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