iPhone and Android Apps for Estate Agents

iPhone apps and Android apps can be extremely useful for both estate agents and potential home-owners. If a potential customer has your app installed on their iPhone or Android Device, they can browse through your catalogue of properties, easily locate each property and complete a form to book a property viewing.

We can provide you with an App, that makes it easy for potential clients to find out more about your properties and easily find your sales office.

All our iPhone Apps and Android Apps are designed with your estate agency in mind; from a fully branded design scheme to features that help you interact with your clients.

Some of the features we can provide are:

e-Book – You can upload a booklet containing information on all the different types of property you have for sale, which can be updated regularly and sent directly to all phones with the app installed.

Maps – Help people to find your most popular property or your sales office, with an integrated map.

Form – App users can complete a form to book a property viewing or receive a copy of the property booklet through the post. Once completed, the information will automatically be sent to any specified e-mail address.

Photo Capture – Allows potential clients to capture photos of a property they are interested in and share them with Facebook friends or on Flickr.

Instant Message Notifications – Send an instant message to all app subscribers; keeping them up-to-date with with any offers or news. We include 5 monthly Instant Message Notifications as standard.

Geo-Fencing – This allows you to target subscribers, whenever they are close to your sales office or your properties. When the user is a specified distance from this location, they receive a notification. As with Instant Message Notifications, we include 5 geo-fencing notifications a month.

Please click here to view the full list of available features.

In just 4 steps, you can get your App designed, created and ready-for-use:

Step One: Choose Your Features – Firstly, you need to choose which features you would like for your app. We will discuss your requirements with you, in detail, to ensure we have all the content you need.

Step Two: App Design – We then spend time designing your app and e-mail it over to you, for approval, within 5 working days.

Step Three: Build the App – We build the App and will send you over a working demo of what it looks like and does.

Step Four: Demo – On acceptance of this demo, we will submit your app to Apple.

Step Five: Publish – This usually takes around 1 month in total from initial discussions to submissions. iPhone Apps take around 2 weeks to be approved. Android Apps take approximately 24 hours to be approved.

We have broken down our App pricing into two, affordable segments:

Set-up Cost of £250 – Paid up-front, this includes the Android and iPhone App design and the creation of up to 8 features from the full features list. Additional Pages/Features can be included for an additional cost.

Monthly Cost of £79 – Paid monthly, in advance, after you have accepted the demo and we have submitted your App to Apple and the Android Market. Additional Pages and Features will attract additional monthly charges.

Your app will be kept up-to-date to ensure its compatible with any advancements Android and Apple make.

The monthly charge includes 5 managed interactions from the following:

• App Page Changes and Updates
• Proximity Marketing Updates
• Blast App Messages

Additional managed configurations are £15 per configuration.

To find out more about how Estate Agents can benefit from iPhone Apps, please click here. Alternatively, please click here for more information on how Estate Agents can benefit from Android Apps.

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