Google Panda affects websites that once ranked highly on Google

Earlier this year, Google introduced Google Panda, which caused many businesses to take a dramatic fall from the top of Google search results to the bottom.

The Google Panda/Farmer Algorithm gives websites a negative ranking if they contain a lot of advertisements or content from around the web.

Features such as automatic news feeds, that search the internet for industry-related news, no longer help you get higher up the search results.

Ever since the Panda/Farmer Algorithm was introduced, the only real way of getting your site up the search results is to put unique content on there regularly.

This does, of course, takes a lot of time. Time that many businesses do not have.

This is why getting an SEO-company on board is more important than ever.

Companies, like ours, can write blogs for you and make regular changes to your site, as well as ensuring your search terms are well-promoted.

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